Boiler Scrappage FAQ

What is the government boiler scrappage scheme?

In January 2010 the government announced that up to 125,000 households in England with fully working G rated boilers can apply for a voucher entitling them to £400 off the price of a brand new A rated boiler installation.

Why have the government started the boiler scrappage scheme?

The boiler scrappage scheme was started to provide a financial incentive for householders to replace the most energy inefficient boilers (G Rated) with the most energy efficient boilers on the market. It is hoped that the scrappage scheme will go some way towards helping the UK to achieve its ambitious CO2 emission reduction targets. If all 125,000 households replaced their old boilers with new A rated boilers it would save in the region of 140,000t CO2 per year. This is the equivalent to taking 45,000 cars off the UK roads.

Are there other boiler scrappage schemes available?

Yes. There are currently three different boiler scrappage schemes in operation. The schemes are being run by the UK government, Npower and British Gas and each one offered a rebate of £400 off the cost of a new A rated boiler.

Can I apply to more than one boiler scrappage scheme?

Yes you can. You can apply for the government boiler scrappage scheme in conjunction with either the Npower scheme or the British Gas scheme which would mean you could get £800 off the cost of a new boiler. You can’t apply for all three scrappage schemes.

What are the application criteria for the government boiler scrappage scheme?

* The boiler you are scrapping needs to be in working order and is the main boiler used to heat the home.
* If you are over 60 it doesn’t matter if the boiler is working or not but it must be the main boiler to heat the dwelling.
* The boiler must be G energy rated. You can search for the energy rating of your boiler by selecting the manufacturer from the left hand side of the site and following the on screen instructions.

What are the application criteria for the British Gas boiler scrappage scheme?

The British Gas boiler scrappage scheme criteria are the same as those of the government scheme.

What are the application criteria for the Npower boiler scrappage scheme?

For the Npower boiler scrappage scheme your boiler must be over 10 years old. We have nearly 5,000 boilers listed in our database with manufacturing dates which will help you to determine when your boiler may have been built.

Can I apply for the boiler scrappage scheme if I live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately not. The boiler scrappage scheme is only open to householders in England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may implement similar scrappage schemes but this will only be done upon ratification from their respective assemblies and governments.

Are there any other ways to test if my boiler is G rated?

A good test to see if a gas boiler is G energy rated is to check the pilot light. If the pilot light is permanently lit it is likely that the boiler is G rated and quite an old model.

How do I apply to a boiler scrappage scheme?

See our Boiler Scrappage Application page for details.

How will the £400 be issued?

Your £400 will be issued to you as a voucher which will be used as a rebate against the price you paid for the boiler installation provided it met with the scrappage guidelines. Vouchers will be issued from 18 January 2010 and they will be received approximately ten days after application. The voucher will be valid for 12 weeks from the date of issue. Payment will be issued by the Energy Saving Trust to the householder within 25 working days of receipt of the valid voucher and invoice for the boiler installation. Please note that installations which are made before receipt of your voucher will invalidate the rebate claim and you will no longer be eligible to receive the £400 rebate.

PLEASE NOTE: The UK Government scrappage scheme budget has been exhausted due to an overwhelming response, but providers such as British Gas (see below) and NPower continue to offer their own similar incentives and discounts and as a result you can still make enormous savings when replacing your old boiler.