Boiler Energy Rating is for householders to assess the energy rating of their boiler with a view to applying to one of the various boiler scrappage schemes that are currently on offer.

Many people are unaware of the energy rating of their boiler, so we have listed nearly 5,000 different boiler models and supplied the energy rating band which will be from A – G along with other information specific to the boiler. If you have a G rated boiler you will qualify for the government and the British Gas boiler scrappage scheme. If your boiler is over 10 years old you will qualify for the Npower boiler scrappage scheme.

Each boiler scrappage scheme currently offers a £400 rebate off the cost of a new installation of an A rated boiler. The good news is that some scrappage schemes can be combined to net you an £800 rebate voucher!

By upgrading from a G rated boiler to an A rated boiler you can not only save CO2 emissions, but your home heating bill should drop by approximately a quarter which would be an average yearly saving of £235.

We have provided a resource which will walk you through how the boiler scrappage schemes work, the qualification criteria, and how to apply. But it should be noted that if you are considering making a boiler scrappage scheme claim you should do so as quickly as possible because demand is expected to be very high. There are 4.5 million households that would qualify for the government boiler scrappage scheme alone, but funds have only been allocated to cater for 125,000 applications!

Begin your boiler energy rating search now and potentially save yourself £800 on the cost of a new boiler installation.

PLEASE NOTE: The UK Government scrappage scheme budget has been exhausted due to an overwhelming response, but providers such as British Gas (see below) and NPower continue to offer their own similar incentives and discounts and as a result you can still make enormous savings when replacing your old boiler.