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Finding the boiler can be a daunting process so have teamed up with the consumer reviews company Which? to offer you a special offer on their boilers review report. For just £1 you can get the Which? boiler review report which has reviewed and tested 52 of the most popular gas and oil heating boilers, combi and heat-only boilers on the market today and provided best buy rankings. Not only will you get access to the best buy report, but you will be able to view 1,000’s of product reviews and 3 years’ worth of online review archives all just for £1. If you decide not to continue with your Which? subscription you can cancel at any time as there is no fixed term contract.

Boiler efficiency, build quality and ease of use reviewed

If you are in need of combi boiler reviews or gas boiler reviews you will find 52 separate boiler reviews in the Which? best buy boilers review report. Each boiler is tested rigorously for three main areas – efficiency, build quality and ease of use. To test the efficiency of a boiler, the Which? team use European Standards to measure how much gas is used by the boiler to create heat and as part of the test each boiler will be installed by a gas fitter to ensure that the gas and electrical connections have been sufficiently designed for safe installation and servicing. During operation of the boiler, the level of noise was recorded to determine how noisy the boiler was when in heating mode, the dials were assessed for ease of use and the warranty was given marks based on length and comprehensiveness of cover involved.

The boiler durability test is one of the longest and most comprehensive tests that Which? offer. Due to that fact that good boilers should last a long time, the final Which? test is to switch the boiler on and run it at full capacity for five minutes before shutting it down again. This is repeated 2,920 times. This is the equivalent of using the boiler solidly for a year. Combi boilers are fired up even more often during the test! Most boilers came through the durability test with no major problems but a handful had developed faults and was even showing signs of wear and tear.

Which boilers are included in the boiler review report?

You will find full reviews of 52 boilers which are then ranked based on their performance during the boiler tests and 8 boiler models are awarded best buy status. As a bonus, Which? have also provided numerous user reviews of many of the boilers tested so that they can be assessed in real life usage over time.

A number of boiler manufacturers are included in the report. You can expect to see the following:

Alpha boiler reviews
Ariston boiler reviews
Baxi boiler reviews
Biasi boiler reviews
Buderus boiler reviews
Ferroli boiler reviews
Firebird boiler reviews
Glow-Worm boiler reviews
Grant boiler reviews
Halstead boiler reviews
Ideal boiler reviews
Keston boiler reviews
Main boiler reviews
Potterton boiler reviews
Ravenheat boiler reviews
Saunier Duval boiler reviews
Trianco boiler reviews
Turco boiler reviews
Vaillant boiler reviews

To get detailed reviews of each of the specific condensing boiler, or combi boiler units associated with the brands listed above click here

Boiler review report summary

* Comprehensive reviews of 52 gas and oil heating boilers, combi (combination) and heat-only boilers
* 8 best buy boilers listed
* Reviews from a total of 22 different boiler manufacturers
* Boilers review report available for £1 only

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